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    The Stoplight Of Eternity! Nearly 4 minutes I waited!!

    Thanks to a car that pulled up behind me 3 minutes later, the stoplight did eventually go green.

    The story goes like this...

    2:00 Missed the green light.

    2:15 We stop.

    3:34 Train!

    4:03 I start to realize the stoplight is not detecting my bike.

    4:46 I decide to just go through the red light.

    5:07 A car comes up behind me.

    Hopefully it will change the light green?

    5:45 I contemplate other bad stoplights I've encountered.

    6:00 Finally!

    Normally I do not have trouble getting stoplights to detect my bike because I stop on top of the magnetic induction loop wire that is cut into the road.

    I waited 3 minutes at a stoplight that would not cycle in this video.

    Timestamp is 5 minutes.

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