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    Bike crash road rash! I crashed my bike tonight and needed 7 stitches in my right arm below the elbow.

    Lucky for me no tendon or bone damage, just road rash on my right arm and hip.

    I made it home with my bloody arm in one piece mostly.

    I got video of my arm but do not want to show it to people for obvious reasons.

    Use your imagination.

    What happened? I turned on a wet road with some paint marks and a bump moving about 20 mph.

    My rear tire went flat later that night.

    My tires have a hard rubber compound to prevent flats.

    Tires with a soft rubber compound grip better but this also increases the risk of punctures.

    My tires probably should have had at least 10-20% less air pressure for better grip in the wet.

    Wider tires can be inflated to lower pressures without risking pinch flats.

    Technique is important.

    I braked early, which is correct.

    I kept my outside foot pressed down on the outside pedal, which is correct.

    I might have leaned too much into the turn.

    The important thing is to keep as much weight over the tire contact patch as possible.

    Weight should be evenly distributed and low, close to the bike.

    I was carrying a shoulder bag that might have unbalanced my weight.

    Had I reacted fast enough, I could have maybe lightly pressed the rear brake lever and pulled the rear wheel back under me before it slipped out.

    Had I reacted fast enough, I could have maybe turned into the skid by gently turning the handlebars left (the direction my rear tire was skidding).

    It hadn't rained for a while so the road was oily.

    Tires: Continental Gatorskin 23mm

    Date: November 28 2016

    Note: For those curious, yes I ride Shimano clipless pedals with one directional release, and yes they did release when I crashed as they should.

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