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    Bar end shifter on bullhorn handlebars!?

    I added a bar end shifter to my bullhorn handlebars using the Paul Thumbie.

    But the bar end brake levers are meant for short cable pull brakes, so my TRP HYRD disc brakes don't work very well (long cable pull brakes).

    The brake lever should always match the brake.

    My setup would work great on a bike with traditional road brakes.

    Another solution for bar end shift-brake levers is to use a bar end shifter with a cross/interrupter brake lever like the Jtek AeroBrake, although the braking power from such a lever is questionable and reach is further out.

    The only mechanical bar end dual control brake shift levers I've seen are Shimano Metrea ST-U5060 for 1x11 speed hydraulic disc brakes.

    Dual control bar end brake shift levers exist for electronic shifting systems (Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS).

    For road brake levers you can pair bar end shifters with the Kelly TakeOff shift lever mount adapter, or get Gevenalle shifters (Retroshift).

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