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    Stop As Yield means treat a stop sign as a yield sign.

    After bicycle commuting for a few years I have learned the most effective way to cycle when it is clear no traffic or pedestrians are near is to treat a stop sign as a yield sign.

    A yield sign does not mean you have the right of way by default.

    Slow to a reasonable speed as the situation requires it (many cyclists already travel less than the speed limit), and stop completely if necessary.

    If you are going so fast it would be impossible to stop completely that would not be yielding.

    Stop As Yield encourages cyclists to use quiet side streets and avoid dangerous busy intersections with distracted drivers.

    Stop As Yield is a sensible rule that makes bike commuting more accessible to the masses who may not be very athletic.

    Stop As Yield is a variation of the successful Idaho Stop Law, which also allows cyclists to treat stop lights as stop signs.

    Many cities allow vehicles to treat stop lights as stop signs if the traffic signal fails to detect their vehicle.

    Using stop signs as traffic calming devices is inappropriate and almost always politcally motivated.

    In the USA there is an obscene use of the stop sign.

    A bike is smaller than a car, and should have additional rights and protections.

    Similarly, a commerical truck is larger than a car, and should have additional rules and regulations.

    I am not a devout vehicular cyclist nor do I blindly accept any and all cycling infrastructure.

    Bike commuting is an art and a skill.

    Always look, signal, travel in the same direction as traffic, use bright lights, and wear a helmet.

    Correction 1: 4:34 The same guy who invented the stop sign invented the traffic circle, which is similar to the roundabout.

    Correction 2: 8:20 I meant to say Stop As Yield does not mean you treat a stop sign as a yield sign when there is a lot of busy traffic around.

    You stop.

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