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    Do you need a winter bike for commuting? Not really.

    A rain bike is a good idea though.

    You should have a bike with fenders (mudguards) if you are serious about bike commuting every day.

    Disc brakes are helpful for braking in wet conditions although not absolutely necessary.

    A bike ridden in the winter will suffer rust or corrosion if not rinsed, dried, and lubed thoughout the season.

    The drivetrain is most vunerable if not cleaned.

    Ideally perform a completely overhaul tune up both before and after winter if used every day.

    A bike with studded tires will perform well on ice, but the same rules apply.

    Ride in a straight line and take turns slowly.

    Riding in snow is tricky because the consistancy of the snow can change throughout the day.

    If the snow is more than a couple inches deep you will need to find a plowed route, or ride a fat bike.

    If you are worried about the finish on your bike and components then a second bike might be worth it.

    A second bike is also good to have around as a backup.

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