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    If you got a bike chain with mushroom riveted chain pins also known as peened, do not reuse the pins after you break the chain!

    You could use a quick link / master link / power link / missing link instead, but you should not reuse the actual pins after pressing them with a chain tool.

    The mushroom riveted heads on the ends of the chain pins become sheared when partially removed.

    Reinstalling a pin that has been pushed out creates a weak link that could break under load like shifting while pedaling hard or out of the saddle.

    Mushroom riveted pins are also known as peened pins.

    These are typically found on multi speed chains like 8 speed, 9 speed, 10 speed and 11 speed chains.

    Always read the chain installation instructions before you work on a chain.

    Bonus Tip 1: For chains with reuseable pins just turn the chain tool handle 5 times and the pin should be partially out so you can break the chain.

    Bonus Tip 2: To check for a defective master link just try to disconnect it with your hands.

    If you can then it needs to be replaced.

    You should only be able to disconnect it with a tool.

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