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    I removed the wheel decals from my bike and it was a laborious time consuming process.

    Here is what I did.


    Peel off the decal stickers with my fingertips and pull hard to remove as much glue as possible.


    Use a rag, goo gone adhesive remover, and a plastic tire lever to scrap the sticky residue.


    Soap and rinse.

    The entire process took multiple hours over 3 days.

    I do not recommend removing decals unless you are ready for a long hassle.

    Would I do it again? I say no right now, but in the future I might again.

    I don't like ads on my bikes.

    Disclaimer: Removing decals could void your warranty.

    I've read on high performance products like Zipp wheels they are actually a part of the aerodynamic design...

    I guess if your wheels say Zipp then that automatically makes them faster.


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  • removingbikedecalstickersahhhh!commutebikeblogger