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    I have had generally excellent experiences purchasing internet bikes, but not without some bad experience.

    Bike fit must be done with an online calculator.

    The most important measurement is the top tube length of the bike frame.

    You want a slight bend in your legs and arms when riding.

    Road bikes are generally designed to lean the rider down low.

    Mountain bikes and city bikes are generally designed to sit the rider upright.

    A different seatpost can change your leg reach.

    A different stem and handlebars can change your arm reach.

    A different saddle and tires can change your comfort.

    Be cautious when buying from foreign retailers.

    The support and return process from an overseas distributor can be very timely and costly.

    Of course I recommend most people buy their bike locally so they can avoid all the headaches involved with internet bikes, lack of test rides and fitting, lack of support, lack of warranty, and lack of spare part availability.

    If you are mechanically inclined and patient there are internet bargins to be found, but beware of scams.

    Do your research on the bike and the seller before you buy.

    Not all internet bikes are the same.

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