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    How to convert your bike to single speed!

    The basic steps are…


    Remove bike chain with chain tool

    Remove shift cables and housings

    Remove derailleurs

    Remove chain rings

    Install new chainring with single ring chainring bolts

    Remove rear wheel

    Remove cassette from freehub body using a chain whip tool and cassette lockring tool

    Install cassette freehub spacers and singlespeed cassette cog and lockring using a cassette lockring tool and an adjustable wrench

    Install chain tensioner, or a chain with enough links to achieve proper tension, optionally install a chain catcher too

    Check chainline is straight between front chainring and rear cog.

    Rearrange cassette freehub spacers as needed.

    The items needed are...

    Singlespeed chainring (3/32" for 3/32" chain)
    Singlespeed chainring bolts
    Singlespeed cassette cog and lockring (3/32" for 3/32" chain)
    Cassette freehub spacers
    Chain tensioner
    Chain catcher (optional)

    The tools needed are...

    Chain tool
    Chain whip
    Cassette lockring tool
    Cable cutters
    Allen wrenches
    Adjustable wrench


    Find your magic gear so you don't need a chain tensioner! (link above) Enter chainstay length and pick a front chainring and rear cog (FxR) combination in the highlighted area for the gear inches you desire (70" is a good starting point).

    Tip 1: Want to use a singlespeed crank but the crank arm or chainring hits the chainstay of your bike frame? Use a bottom bracket spacer, or chainring bolt spacers.

    Tip 2: Want to use a single speed rear wheel? Got a steel bike frame? It's possible to narrow the rear dropout spacing with a block of wood but be careful!

    If you have any questions please post them in the comment section and we will help you!

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