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    Always have a spare rear derailleur with you in case you crash! Tip of the day!

    A rear derailleur hanger is for a multi speed bike and attaches directly to the bike frame.

    The rear shifting mechanism (rear derailleur) attaches to it, so in the case of a crash, the hanger bends and not your more expensive bike frame.

    Rear derailleur hangers are specific to the bike frame, so they can be hard to get sometimes.

    In the case no proper replacements exist, one could be custom fabricated from metal.

    If you crash and you are sure only your rear derailleur hanger is bent, and not the rear deraileur itself, you should be able to just swap it with a new one.

    In worse cases it will need to be aligned with a tool.

    Situations vary from crash-to=crash and bike-to-bike.

    Tip: Use blue loctite on the rear derailleur hanger bolts to your bike frame, give it 24 hours to dry.

    These bolts tend to come loose over time and mess up your shifting.

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  • rearderailleurhangerohmy!tipoftheday!commutebikeblogger