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    The bike commuter items list! Here is what I carry on a daily bike commute to work!

    Spare tube
    Tire lever
    Chain tool
    Spare chain links
    5mm allen wrench
    Scrap piece of tube
    Rubber gloves
    ID card
    Credit card
    Health insurance card
    Batteries for my camera
    Dress shirt
    Spare t shirt
    Spare underwear
    Spare socks

    Don't forget water and food!

    Other useful items include a patch kit, second spare tube, bike lock, deodorant, comb, sunblock, antibiotic ointment, gauze wrap, list of medications you take, your emergency contact, spare rear derailleur hanger, more allen wrenches, screwdrivers, spoke wrench.

    How do I carry all of this stuff!? You could use a saddle bag or frame bag or a backpack etc.

    I use the Topeak Cagepack and SKS Cagebox, and I zip tie my spare tube and tools to my bike.

    The pump mounts next to my water bottle holders.

    I carry a water bottle for longer rides instead of two Cageboxes.

    It has actually taken me a couple years to find my favorite way to carry things and what to carry to work daily.

    I hope this list helps you.

    In a future video I will list what I keep at work.

    Stay tuned.

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